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1. Startup Incubator / Accelerator Program

Risin Ventures equips entrepreneurs and ecosystems with its high-quality Incubation and Acceleration programs with its unique mix of insights, proven techniques, tools, and processes that support entrepreneurs and the larger community. We run extensive Global Scouting & Launch Pad programs to be able to reach out to the best entrepreneurs and startups.

Relevant Industry

  • AI
  • Design
  • Healthcare & Lifesciences
  • Social Impact
  • Waste Management
  • Analytics
  • Education
  • Internet Of Things
  • Social Network
  • AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality)
  • Green Technology
  • Safety
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Computer Vision
  • Finance Technology
  • Security Solutions
  • Agriculture

Relevant Service Type

  • Discovery
  • Mobile
  • Research
  • Engineering
  • Online Aggregator
  • SaaS
  • Government
  • Peer To Peer
  • Sharing Economy
  • Location Based Services
  • Platform
  • Social Enterprise

How We Help?

Critical Support Network Join an Equity Collective of helpful startup mentors and founders that are invested in your success.

Global Network Build a company with impact by leveraging the world's largest network of startup founders and mentors.

Structured Methodology Know what to work on, and when, with our proven business-building sprints and structured process..

Fast-Track to Funding Get fast-tracked to our funding program and Virtual Demo Days, giving you the best chance to get funding.

2. Fund Raising

Risin Ventures has a variety of different programs for the start-ups to raise funds.

Programs like

3. Corporate Services

Risin Ventures has three major services for Corporates and CVCs. These services include Consulting services for Corporate Innovation, Structured Intrapreneurship programs, managed CVC programs and Enterprise Hackathons.  We provide platforms for those entrepreneurs within an existing organization and organization/business allows the entrepreneur to tap into resources to help make their idea for a new business/division/product/foundation possible!

4. Go to Market

Risin Ventures supports startups to launch and operate in multiple markets in the Middle east region either directly through its own entities and offices or by supporting setup of local entities. We support startups reach out to customers with our focused go to market programs and get to revenue quickly. We also work with our global incubator and accelerator partners to run exchange programs helping startups operate in Middle east utilizing our infrastructure and reach in the region.

5. Training & Mentoring

Risin Ventures’ global network will help entrepreneurs to be a part of big events like web summit, CES and many others, giving them the platform to excel.

6. Product Development

Risin’s parent company Hyperthink is an international Consulting and Technology services company. Risin Ventures leverage it connect with Hyperthink and its long history of working and catering IT services as tech partners for several tech start-ups. The program helps the startups to transition from an idea quickly and reliably to MVP to a successful product. With our agile delivery approach, tech talent and outsourced product/software development, we help start-ups with their product development.

The product development programs are available as both Product for Equity and on commercial services models and thereby helps startups in moving ahead even at times where funding is running short or talent is scarce.

7. Global Events

Risin Ventures’ global network will help entrepreneurs to be a part of big events like web summit, CES and many others, giving them the platform to excel.


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