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Our Company

Risin Ventures Studio is a MENA-based private Venture Studio and Incubation support services firm. We help top-quality startups, investors and global businesses discover and engage with each other, blending platforms, practices, and people. Welcoming start-ups, research scholars, technology firms and investors, to collaborate and build a strong Eco-system.

We support entrepreneurship ventures in Qatar through Start up Incubator/ Accelerator Programs, funding, training, mentorship, Intrapreneurship, and connection to the regional and global tech innovation ecosystem

We create an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration by attracting and supporting entrepreneur focused on development of products and services across various verticals.

Our Vision & Mission

Scouting to Launch

Investment Framework

An ecosystem of innovation

We work with corporates and startups across verticals and industries including Industrial, Manufacturing, healthcare, Fintech, B2C, Consumer/ Mobility, Deep Tech (IOT, AI) and more. Today, we look at this portfolio as an ecosystem of solutions—matching corporates with startups that fit their strategic goals and supporting entrepreneurs as they grow and scale.

The result is a platform that gives better opportunity of innovation for industry leaders while providing entrepreneurs with the access they need to succeed.

Our Ecosytem